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Partner, senior consultant

  • Over 20 years experience both as employee and independent consultant in several sectors including retail, IT, energy, telecom and the entertainment business, in purchasing, sales and marketing positions

  • Specific hands-on experience includes strategic marketing, marketing management, retail organisation, buying strategy, channel management, digital strategy and transformation, strategic consulting, change projects, CRM project management, innovation projects, pricing, product portfolio management, loyalty and retention

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Christine Léonard: About



Strategic consultancy, 2018

Strategic consultancy on developing a new omni-channel sales strategy and a transition plan for De Lijn.


Interim Marketing Manager, 2018

Interim management of the Marketing department of the Port of Antwerp. During a transition period I managed the daily business of the marketing department and contributed to the design of the new organisation.


Several subsequent projects at the biggest airport in Belgium

  • Interim Marketing Manager

  • Strategic marketing study for a new loyalty program

  • Interim manager: Interim management of the Food and Beverage department at the airport: project planning and follow up, partner management, marketing strategy and business development


Development of a multi-channel retail strategy

Mission to design and develop an effective multi-channel strategy for Retail & DIY markets B2B and B2C, including the distribution landscape.



Mediator stakeholder engagement project for the city marketing of Antwerp by co-creation.


Loyalty partner strategy development

Conceiving the strategic plan and go-to-market on redefining the B2B and B2B2C marketing strategy in order to enhance loyalty and establish valuable partnerships.


Redefine the go-to-market partner strategy

​Strategic mission on redefining the marketing strategy to match the evolution and shift of decisionmaking power from IT to Marketing departments.
Amplexor is a specialist in system integration for digital experience platforms, document centric solutions and enterprise collaboration platforms. The challenge was to evolve from a technical selling approach to a more marketing inspired strategy, in order to keep up with their competitors in an changing landscape where customer decision making is shifting from IT to marketing departments and where a combined offering of strategic vision and digitally integrated solutions are key.


Defining the international e-sales expansion strategy for towbar and car accessories

Rameder is the market leader in Germany for towbar and car accessories. 
Strategic mission to redefine the international expansion of the online concept with focus on digital presence, e-sales optimisation, SEO, customer support. Developing an omni-channel strategy integrating and deploying the network of existing car service points (B2C and B2B).


Interim marketing manager

  • Interim management and strategic brand repositioning throughout the company’s change process.

  • Occupying different roles, but mainly ad interim marketing manager in charge of repositioning the brand and developing the multi-channel marketing and communication strategy for B2C and Small Business. 

  • Defining and building a marketing department from scratch after a reorganization.

  • Roll out of the external and internal digital repositioning campaign from essent to, hire and build a marketing team, develop succesful commercial partnerships. 


Marketing strategy and execution for the launch of a foodie content site

Develop the diversification strategy within VMMA, building the business plan leading to the development of After presenting the analysis and advice I was appointed business owner and asked to start up and manage the project from the planning phase throughout the development and the launch of this new digital interactive culinary lifestyle environment. Also in charge of defining content and social media strategy for the platform. was successfully launched in November 2010. 
Hiring and coaching of the final project manager. The concept was integrated in 2012 in the lifestyle platform under the name 


Customer retention strategy design and development

At one of Belgium’s main energy suppliers assisting and coaching a young marketing team in preparing and finalizing the 3-year strategic plan on customer development and retention in a highly competitive landscape. Focus on brand management, loyalty programs, development of value added services.



Advisor to Mrs. Patricia Ceysens, the Flemish Minister of Economic affairs, science, innovation, entrepreneurship and external relations. Involved in different projects e.g. developing and managing a seminar on renewable energy and innovation, assisting in project preparation, screening and assessing requests, conceiving and developing a coaching workshop on entrepreneurship for starters.


1987 - 2006

  • Microsoft Corporation: Country Manager Home & Entertainment Division, member of Belgian and regional management team

  • FNAC: Product Director ICT retail, member of Belgian management team

  • Makro Belgium: Buyer for ICT retail

  • Makro Belgium: Information analyst

Christine Léonard: Projects
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