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Michiel Carpentier


Founding partner, senior consultant

  • Bridging the gap between business and technology, capable of talking to both on a senior level and helping them achieve their goals

  • Senior product marketeer with technology insight

  • Distilling business requirements into IT deliverables

  • Helping businesses large and small tackle today's digital challenges

  • Business requirement capturing, product ownership, digital strategy, digital transformation, digital touchpoint management, technology product management and marketing

+32-475-54 13 43

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Michiel Carpentier: About



  • Product Ownership

  • Business requirement capture

  • Functional IT Consultancy, bridging the gap between company strategy and IT implementations 

  • Digital marketing projects

  • Digital business architecture

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) & Adobe Marketing Cloud experience

  • Webflow, Drupal, Wordpress, Modx and other WebCMS experience

  • Salesforce knowledge

  • Scrum/Agile delivery experience


  • Marketing & Product Marketing strategies and implementation in technological environments 

  • Product Management & Marketing

  • Operational Marketing 

  • Go-to-market & sales strategy 

  • Digital marketing

  • Business development

  • Interim management projects 

  • Corporate management and support 

  • Business plan creation and evaluation

Michiel Carpentier: Projects
Michiel Carpentier: Projects



Digital advisor, 2024-ongoing

Mu.ZEE is a museum in Ostend which displays, collects, manages, digitises and studies visual art from the 19th century to the present day. The museum connects its unique collection of exclusive Belgian art with the international art field and shows the connections between modern and contemporary art.

Advisor for all their digital needs and requirements. Assist in creating new digital vision for their upcoming policy plan.


Various positions, 2022-2023

Returning to Telenet, market leading telecom provider in the north of Belgium, for a series of projects:

  • Product owner Segment of One: leading a team to deliver hyperpersonalisation capabilty using Pegasystems' Pega CDH (Customer Data Hub). Delivering consistent next best action personalisation accross all customer contact channels (digital, callcenters, retail and mailings).

  • Team Lead Customer Value Proposition (ad interim): leading the team that creates the offerings for Telenet's residential and SOHO customers.

  • Tribe Product Owner (Technical): overseeing all digital and IT requirements for Telenet's Commercial Tribe (responsible for all sales and marketing for residential and SOHO customers).


Co-founder, 2021-2022

I have co-founded this startup which has created a treatment for MdDS (Mal de Débarquement Syndrome), a particular balance disorder.

Responsible for sales & marketing, day-to-day operations and product ownership for the development of our MdDS treatment (a single-page web application hosted on

Project is now proceeding as in close co-operation with the University of Antwerp.

Created the MdDS Reset marketing website, built in Webflow with Hubspot integration, plus integration to our treatment platform


Board Member, 2020-ongoing

June is your digital energy assistant and automatically helps you to get greener and cheaper energy. With the smart technology of June your energy bill is automatically monitored and optimised. She also helps you to consume smarter and less. (


Board Member, 2019-ongoing

iBeauty brings flexible cloud-based solutions to the world of beauty salons and hairdressers. Learn more at


Digital Strategy advisor, 2019-2022

  • Assistance in the definition of the digital strategy and creation of the  digital roadmap for Port of Antwerp.

  • Member of the selection team for the new digital agency responsible for rolling out the digital roadmap.


Product owner/project manager, 2018-2021

Twintag has unique Data Ops technology, combining universal tagging with thin data functionality.

  • Product owner, working with the development team to implement new product features.

  • Product owner/project manager for specific customer projects at Vinçotte NV, the market leader in safety regulation and inspection.

  • Product owner for the launch of a contact-tracing solution with total respect for privacy.

  • Product owner for the launch of a COVID required attendance registration solution for venues.


ERP Selection process assistance 2020-2021

Meco Ingredients BV is an innovative producer of complete ready mixes for an exquisite range of Belgian Waffles, Crèpes, American Pancakes, Churros, Donuts and many more delicious specialty products. Advice in the selection of a new ERP solution.


Digital architect, 2019

ONE Smart Control offers innovative home automation solutions for building companies, project developers and private residents.
Responsible for the development of the product ecosystem and go to market strategy.

Improved ONE's digital touchpoints including the website and the ONE app, and optimized CRM operations, with Zendesk integration and an API link to invoicing.


Digital Consultant, 2018

MMI consulting mission. Creation of a web migration strategy for Belgium's largest insurance company, from a dominantly .NET environment to Adobe Experience Manager.


Digital consultant, 2012 - 2018

A consultancy mission of six years at this leading Belgian telecom operator.

  • Business requirement capturing for multiple digital projects, working either for the business side of Telenet or the IT department.

  • Product ownership for the delivery of several Telenet websites, mobile apps and other digital assets, both in the residential (B2C) and B2B divisions.

  • Hands-on WebCMS work when needed in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Drupal, and digital marketing tools like Adobe Marketing Cloud, Google and Adobe Analytics and Hotjar.

  • Creation of digital marketing strategy and personalisation approach, with digital exposure of necessary supporting backend data (Salesforce, Genesys, proprietary backend systems).

Selected projects as product owner:

  • Design and delivery of a completely new website (twice: once in Drupal in 2013, once in AEM in 2016), both for the residential and the business customers, including e-shop functionality;

  • Design and delivery of a complete self-service environment both for B2C and B2B customers, with full integration of the web or app-based front-ends to the relevant backend systems (Customer information databases, billing, services);

  • Delivery of electronic billing for Telenet Business, integrating billing information from several backend systems with different complexity levels depending on size of the customer (from small businesses to large international companies);

  • Deployment of a full web search solution based on Google Search Appliance (2014) and Elastic Search (2018);

  • Continuous conversion improvement tracks for website, esales and self-service environments.


Interim Senior Product Manager, 2011 - 2012

Niko is the market leader in Belgium in electro-technical solutions and services, and a major European player in that area.
Responsible for the product domain Control Networks, which includes Niko Home Control, their home automation product range.

  • Product ownership of new product development in Scrum/Agile development;

  • Product portfolio management;

  • Product roadmap planning;

  • Collaboration with marketing communications and sales for product actions & launches;

  • Strategic study on the internationalisation initiatives within Niko.


President of program visitation committee, 2009 - 2012

All universities and related institutions in Flanders are visited regularly by a committee composed of people from that area of expertise and an educational expert. This committee visited the 16 programmes that organise an education for professional bachelor business management. VLHORA is the Flemish council presiding over these institutions. This round of visitation ran from 2009 until 2012.


Product Owner, 2009 - 2011

ONE Agency is a digital marketing agency (now part of Ausy, a Randstad company). Product Owner for Conimbo (, a cloud-based (Software as a Service) Drupal distribution to speed up the configuration of Drupal websites. Product owner and software architect for several customer online projects, mainly Drupal based.


1999 - 2009

  • JBC, a major fashion retailer: initiation of an ERP implementation.

  • bPost, the Belgian postal operator: interim marketing management to launch an innovative door-to-door delivery solution.

  • Ethias Bank, supporting the marketing activities in the startup of the financial activities of this large insurance company. 

  • Wolters Kluwer, market leader in legal publications: project manager and product owner for the development of, their online legal database solution.

  • IPG, a major callcenter operator: interim marketing management.


1985 - 1999

  • Oracle Corporation: Director Server Marketing for Europe, Middle-East and Africa

  • TechGnosis, a Belgian international software company: several product management & marketing positions

  • Coopers & Lybrand, now PriceWaterhouseCoopers: internal IT manager

  • Arthur Andersen MICD, now Accenture: strategic IT consultant


In order to get firsthand experience in website creation and delivery, I’ve created several websites that cover some of my hobbies or professional life:

  • Which Bach Cantata? ( Bach wrote his cantatas for specific days of the liturgical calendar and other occasions. This website automatically publishes the cantatas for a specific day on that day, with playlists for the cantatas in Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer. It also automatically cross-publishes to the Facebook Page I manage for this hobby project and launches a Mailchimp mailing to subscribers. Created in 2019 in Modx Revolution, with a full Bootstrap 4 Theme.Also created a Progressive Web App (PWA) of the site, which works like a charm on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows 10.I also experimented with Facebook campaigns for this page, which learned me a lot as well. Currently more than 2000 Facebook page subscribers and counting.

  • Vinotopia ( I’m a wine entousiast, and I publish my tasting notes on this website. The site is a perfect excuses to dabble in web development technology, evolving over the years:

    • 2001-2004: Static HTML website​

    • 2004-2012: .NET based site with MS-Access integration

    • 2012-2021: Drupal 7 website, completely mobile-responsive from the start, which was not a given at that time

    • 2021-now: Webflow CMS, with API integration, pushing notes from my personal note-taking app on MacOS and iOS.

  • MMI BV ( in 2018 I created the website for my own BV in Wix, to get a feel what website creation platforms are capable of for small organisations.

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